Sightseeing trail

Discover the village the traditional way using a map guide

We have prepared three circular walks, enabling you to discover a variety of nooks and hidden places around Trstěnice. The trail around the Church Side is 1.3 km long and in this part of the village you can learn more about how people used to live here, the custom of using a wide variety of nicknames for the local inhabitants, and find out why the church was built in the particular place it stands now. The trail around the Top End of the village is 3.7 km long and leads around ancient farms, where you can visit archaic polygonal timbered barns and get to know the local names. The longest trail, around the Bottom End of the village, takes you through the cultural farming landscape, where you will see old orchards, stone walls, small sacral monuments and the oldest timbered house in Trstěnice. There are printed map guides for visitors, available from the municipal office or the Community Centre, which is also the starting point for the sightseeing trail.

Mobile applications

Find out how life used to be in the village using our interactive mobile applications

Download our mobile applications to your smartphone and set off to discover this ancient village and its sights. The mobile applications can be downloaded free of charge for the Android operating system. You can choose between an interactive map of the village and three geolocation games. You can use the interactive map to discover for yourself some 200 different places linked to old stories or with an interesting past. If you decide to explore the village using one of our geolocation games, you have plenty of excitement to look forward to, as well as a narration by the chronicler Josef Žrout.

Map of places

Browse an interactive map of Trstěnice from the comfort of your home

You can use this application to discover Trstěnice and its sights from the comfort of your home or to prepare for a visit to the village. The map includes around 200 information points and some 300 image attachments divided into categories: folk buildings, technical and sacral monuments or stories of places.

About the project

Or where we obtained information and funding to implement the project

The project was implemented in 2017-2018 by Institut lidového kulturního dědictví, z.s. (Institute of Folk Cultural Heritage) and was co-financed from ERDF funds through the Glacensis Euroregion. Sources of information: the chronicles and other texts by Josef Žrout (Historie a paměti obce Třenice (History and Memories of the Village of Trstěnice), Historie a paměti (History and Memories ), Soupis pomístních jmen ve Třenici (List of Local Names in Trstěnice) and Kronika rodu Žroutova ve Střenici na statku čís. 41 (Chronicle of the Žrout Family in Střenice at Farm No. 41)), the chronicles of Adolf Hurych (Kronika obce Trstěnice (Chronicle of the Village of Trstěnice)) and texts by Jan Flídr. Sources of pictorial illustrations: Institute of Ethnology AS CR, photographic fund of Josef Sotona and Adolf Hurych, Svitavy State District Archive based in Litomyšl, Regional Museum in Litomyšl, Institute of Folk Cultural Heritage archive, private archives of the inhabitants of Trstěnice.